This past Friday morning I got up early, donned my closest approximation of Southern Lady-wear, and headed over to the Southern Weddings Magazine yard sale event. Brides, if you don't know this magazine and the associated website, you absolutely must take a peek... the lovely ladies who run it have an amazing eye for style and detail, and are full of inspiration! Though I'm happily married and not planning a wedding of my own, I love looking at the "real weddings" section of their site to find inspiration (searchable by color or location! Love!!), so I figured their yard sale would be full of goodies... and I wasn't disappointed. Their event drew an impressive crowd and offered an even more impressive array of odd samples and leftover giveaways for the bargain hunting bride. Southern Weddings Photographer

Of course, what's Southern hospitality without a few added details? Cold drinks, hand-crafted signs, and gorgeous cupcakes from Sugarland Bakery:

Southern Weddings PhotographerSouthern Weddings Photographer

I had a busy day lined up and didn't get to stay for more than 15 or 20 minutes, but was able to chat briefly with Lara, SW's editor-in-chief and publisher (pictured here between a bride-to-be and her mother)...

Southern Weddings Photographer

...and with Emily, the Art Director, who was so busy running around I only got a quick picture of her hand... she's the one holding the Cheerwine above :D

Marissa, who juggles several jobs at the magazine, was manning the till, but took a moment to let me grab a photo so you could see this adorable crawdaddy sundress:

Southern Weddings Magazine

Shy of a hoop skirt, it doesn't get much more Southern than that, eh?

A few quick tips if you're interested in having your wedding published in Southern Weddings:

  • Southern Weddings only features weddings that take place... wait for it... in the South! If you're getting married elsewhere, you can submit images for consideration as details features, which focus on decor, fashion, and floral inspiration.
  • The magazine loves weddings filled with fun, unusual details - especially those that find inspiration south of the Mason-Dixon. Of course, the details are even better if they have a good backstory... how are the choices you made about your wedding meaningful to you?
  • Perhaps most important is how those details are captured, since beautiful wedding magazines are filled with beautiful wedding photography. If you'd like to have your wedding published, be sure to choose a photographer who consistently produces gorgeous images, and discuss your wishes to be published during your initial meeting. Generally, magazines require that the photographer submit the images, so be sure yours is willing to do the necessary legwork.

Trying to find a photographer ready to help you share all the hard work and planning that went into making your wedding dreams a reality? My contact info is at the top of the page... drop me a line any time!

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