As a rule, I'm truly honored any time someone hires me as their photographer... creating family heirloom material is no small responsibility! When I'm asked to record a once-in-a-lifetime event - a birth or a wedding, for instance - I'm particularly honored... these are moments that will not be relived, and photographs that cannot be retaken. Imagine my reaction, then, when Mary called me and told me that she and her fiance, Nick, wanted me to shoot their wedding. You see, Mary is a local artist, and a talented one at that. Her shop on Etsy is very popular, offering a variety of hand-painted stemware, dinnerware, and household goods that make for unique gifts. So this is a woman who knows her art... and she entrusted her wedding photos to me! Not only was I flattered, I was excited, because I knew that these two were putting a lot of effort into hand-crafting a beautiful day... and generally, the more effort that's put in beforehand, the more effortless it ultimately looks through the lens.  I knew I was in for a photographer's dream wedding.

Gorgeous details!

Getting ready:

So the afternoon of the wedding was SUPER hot & everyone was worried about the fact that everything was supposed to take place outside. Then a black cloud came rolling in and everyone got even more worried. About twenty minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start, one of those fantastic North Carolina summer storms rolled through. While Mary and her dad stayed hidden, Nick led the guests under the tent and encouraged everyone to have an extra glass of champagne while the storm passed.

When the skies cleared about twenty minutes later, the ceremony was back on... only now it was 20 degrees cooler! The guests gathered around the front door, and Mary finally got to join the party.

And party they did... on into the wee hours. As gorgeous as their ceremony was, this was not a couple interested in sticking to tradition or rules. They skipped formal family shots, handed out ice cream sandwiches instead of cutting wedding cake, and danced with sparklers under the summer moon.

Nick & Mary, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your big day. If your wedding was any indication (and it usually is!), yours will be a life filled with joy and beauty. Congratulations!