Hello everyone... and welcome to the megapixie blog! I’m so excited about this new project and hope you’ll follow along as I update with photos, tips, reviews, projects, and - most especially - specials, contests, & discounts! Though it may take a few weeks to get things up and running smoothly, it is my intention to have new material at least twice a week, so please come back often. Better yet, put me in your rss feed!I figured I’d jump right in with an amazing maternity session I shot last weekend. Holly & Patrick are expecting their first any day now... and even now, in their last remaining days of getting to sleep in, they agreed to meet me out in the middle of nowhere at 6am. The weather and the light were perfect - birds singing, dew still on the grass... dawn has always been my favorite time of day, but now it’s also my favorite time for portrait sessions!

Holly & Patrick Maternity Session Holly & Patrick were such amazing sports about this photo shoot... like I said, they agreed to my crazy-early time frame, but then went on to drive out into the middle of nowhere, traipse through wet grass & mud, sit down, stand up, sit down again, etc. I thought maybe I would be crossing the line when I suggested some bare belly shots, but Holly was all for it, as long as we were careful not to take it TOO far. So careful we were... and gorgeous she is!

I shot Patrick & Holly’s wedding almost two years ago, and even before the big day, Holly was talking about the big family she and Patrick hoped to have. They don't know whether they're expecting a boy or a girl, and they don't care at all... they are so excited for this baby. The love and joy they feel - for each other and for their little one - is evident.

Holly & Patrick, I'm so excited for you & the journey you're about to embark upon. On a more selfish note, I cannot WAIT to get a peek at this sweet newborn... the camera is loaded and ready to go!