Soooo... anyone notice anything different around here? Like, maybe, everything? Anyone notice that none of my galleries are up and most of my links lead nowhere? Pretty awesome, eh? Yep: big technology snafu around here in the last week... I was planning to start playing around with a new website idea, but managed to completely erase all my old settings, so I decided that instead of freaking out and trying to resurrect the past, I'd move forward and use it as the impetus to get my new site put together in what will ultimately be MUCH less time than I would've spent procrastinating about it before. So on the one hand, lemons... on the other: lemonade! (In the meantime, please excuse the mess.) The technology headache really got me thinking, too, about the fact that as much as I love the blog and the online galleries and the gigs and gigs worth of images of my own children that I have stored in the metal boxes on my desk, nothing at all compares to having a physical picture to hold and hang on the wall. Even now, every time a box arrives from my lab, I get giddy opening it and seeing my images in print. And this summer, I received the studio sample of what may be my very favorite way to display those prints... Ladies and gents, meet Iris:




This little beauty was created for Doug and Darci, whose son Edward you might remember from this session last spring... they were having a hard time deciding among the images we captured, so instead we created an album that could hold all of their favorites. The Iris album is hand-crafted in California by a company called Cypress, and is absolutely extraordinary in every way, from the lay-flat, 4mm thick photographic pages to the fine linen binding and presentation box.










I'm so excited to be offering these albums, and would be happy to show you an example if you'd like to hold one in your own hands... when I got to see and feel these albums for myself, I knew I had to have one to show you, too, so I bought a duplicate sample album! The albums are offered in 8in, 10in, and 12in square, and can be customized in a number of ways. They make perfect session albums, and would be a stunning way to preserve your favorite wedding images for generations to come.