I haven't ever really tried to get into the senior portrait market. Though I've long imagined that it would be a fun thing to add to my repertoire, my wedding and family work kept me busy enough that I never gave it much attention. If I'd known just HOW fun, though, I would've started ages ago! Now I'm totally hooked... I don't have to tell you that Fallon is beautiful, but if you don't know her, it bears mentioning that she's also an exceptional swimmer and absolutely hilarious in the driest, most acerbic way. Add to that the fact that she was game to ride with me around her neighborhood, making portraits in all the random spots I found on the side of the road, and you'll understand why I'm now going to have to focus much more energy on getting into senior portrait photography: the creative sky's the limit when you're not contending with tight wedding schedules or unpredictable toddlers!

1-Chapel-Hill-Senior-Portraits2-Chapel-Hill-Senior-Portrait-Photographer3-Chapel-Hill-Senior-Portrait-Photographers4-Chapel-Hill-Senior-Portrait-Photography5-Durham-Senior-Portrait-Photographer6-Durham-Senior-Portraits7-Chapel-Hill-High-Senior-Portrait-Photographer8-Chapel-Hill-High-Senior-Portraits9-Chapel-Hill-High-Senior-Yearbook-PortraitsAfter we'd finished up, we headed back to the house and I got a few more with her mom and brother who were around... and that last one of Fallon with Roxy (her sweet Pit mix) just kills me!10-Chapel-Hill-High-Seniors-Photographer14-Chapel-Hill-Family-Portrait-Portrait-Photographer13-Chapel-Hill-Family-Photographer12-Chapel-Hill-High-Senior-Portrait-Photographer-PetsSoooo... if you're a junior or senior in need of portraits (or if you know someone who fits that description), hit me up! I'd love to work with you!



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