How is it already almost the end of April? The months seem to be competing in some kind of intense race to the future, and they're all tied for first place. Last I checked, it was December... 2007. Gah! Raleigh Child Photographer

Perhaps not coincidentally, things have been busy busy. I'm getting things ready to revamp my site, which needs a facelift and some new photos, and I'm taking a class on a really interesting type of portraiture I hope to offer to my clients very soon. I've also got a top-secret project I'm working on which I hope to be sharing with you right here on this very blog in the coming months. (The mystery! The intrigue!! Please try to hold onto your seats...)

Raleigh Child Photographer

Today I had lunch with the absolutely lovely Heather McCutchen, a local photographer who found me through Creative Live (Will I ever stop talking about that? Maybe not...). It is so nice to be meeting other people in the area who share the same passion and excitement for photography that I do. Also, she's a fellow Nikon shooter... I think we're going to be friends :D

Raleigh Child Photographer

The photos in this post are dedicated to my sweet Judah, who is currently obsessed with all things round... bubbles and balloons very much included.

Raleigh Child Photographer