Natalie & Jason's sweet baby girl arrived back in June, just a day or two before I left town for a two week vacation. I don't normally like to wait more than ten days or so before shooting newborn portraits, as babies have a tendency to be fussier and not look quite as new, but the flight was booked, so we had no choice in the matter. Maybe it was the fact that she came a little earlier than expected, but as you'll see below, even at three weeks old Campbell was as tiny and serene as could be. I adore these soft, sweet photos and can't wait to see her again for her six month photos... coming up in just a couple of months! Chapel-Hill-Newborn-PhotographyChapel-Hill-Newborn-PhotographerChapel-Hill-Newborn-PhotographersDurham-Newborn-PhotographerDurham-Newborn-PhotographersHillsborough-Newborn-PhotographerDurham-Newborn-PhotographyHillsborough-Newborn-PhotographersHillsborough-Newborn-PhotographyRaleigh-Newborn-PhotographerRaleigh-Newborn-PhotographersRaleigh-Newborn-PhotographyTriangle-Newborn-PhotographerTriangle-Newborn-PhotographyTriangle-Newborn-PhotographersTriangle-family-Photographers



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