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Sunshine | Family Portraits in Durham

Though I'm acutely aware that I've essentially disappeared off the face of the blogging world recently, I promise it's not for lack of material. In particular, this spring has been full of amazing newborn sessions, and I'm really looking forward to sharing some of those sweet new faces with you as soon as I can catch my breath and catch up! In the meantime, though, this week has been a tough one for me, so I was thinking I'd share a little sunshine... Remember Claire from her newborn and as a six month-old sessions? Claire is gorgeous, and is now nearly famous for her "Claire face," which is as solemn as any I've seen on a baby. We captured lots of Claire face photos at her six-month session, including this one:


Durham Family and Baby PhotographerBut I'm happy to report that in addition to a few lovely, serious, Claire face photos at last week's (belated) one-year session, I got loads of these, too:


And that, my friends, is some serious sunshine! Here's to a great weekend!