This past spring, Betsy and Kevin got married in the most lovely, laid-back backyard wedding you could possibly imagine: the weather was perfect, the food and booze were abundant, and the landscaping they'd worked really, really hard on for months was not only beautiful, but in full, spectacular bloom. As anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows, even the most casual affairs require a ton of work, so I was hugely impressed not only by the seamless execution of this VERY ambitious DIY wedding, but also by how relaxed Betsy and Kevin managed to be on the day of. Take a look for yourself...Raleigh-wedding-dresses-photographerRaleigh-backyard-wedding-flowersRaleigh-backyard-wedding-photographerRaleigh-wedding-photography-black-and-whiteRaleigh-wedding-at-home-photographerRaleigh-weddings-photographersRaleigh-bridal-portraitsRaleigh-lifestyle-wedding-photographerFather-of-the-bride-wedding-photographerRaleigh-backyard-wedding-ceremonyBarbara-Lodge-Wedding-PhotographerRaleigh-outdoor-wedding-photographersRaleigh-outdoor-wedding-photographerRaleigh-photojournalist-wedding-photographyRaleigh-backyard-wedding-photographer-detailsRaleigh-outdoor-bridal-portraitsRaleigh-backyard-weddings-photographyCreative-funny-wedding-toasts-RaleighRaleigh-Whole-Foods-Wedding-CupcakesRaleigh-wedding-photographer-first-danceRaleigh-wedding-photographer-mother-son-father-daughter-danceraleigh-backyard-wedding-photographersraleigh-backyard-wedding-photographer-portraitsRaleigh-wedding-photographers-portraitsA funny side note: Riley MacLean and I co-shot this wedding. It's a long story (which I won't bore you with), but though we've worked together on many weddings, this was the first where we were both on point... which was tons of fun! What you've seen here were some of the day's events through my lens, but be sure to keep an eye on his blog to see the day from his viewpoint. Toward the end of the day, Betsy's brother grabbed my camera and made this photo, which he dubbed "The Dream Team." I'll take it  ;)




Vendors (perhaps the shortest list ever, thanks to an amazing team of friends and family who managed all the flowers, decorations, music, programs... even the catering!):

Officiant: Barbara Lodge

Hair & Makeup: Kelsey Miller at Salon Blu

Rentals (tables, tent, linens, & glassware): Mark Miller at Premier Special Event Services

Cupcakes: Whole Foods