So if you don't follow me on instagram or facebook, a: you should (go do it now! I'll wait right here  :D), and b: you might have wondered if I had dropped off the face of the Earth last week. The answer is that I very nearly did. Matt and I packed up the boys and met up with my parents and brother for a week of sailing and eating and drinking and relaxing and reading and canoeing and more eating and drinking just outside of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I would've mentioned that I was leaving town - I really did mean to - but you know how it goes: in the mad dash to cross all the last-minute items off of your to-do list before a big vacation and the rushrushrush to get packed and out the door, those pesky things like cleaning out the refrigerator and sleep and see-ya-on-the-flip-side blog posts never seem to get the proper attention. Anyway, Maine. Stunningly beautiful. I took a lot of photos of my family, of course, and I'll probably pull those out sometime soon, but I also spent some time working on landscapes, which rarely get much of my attention. I still hold that portraits are where my photography shines, but I wanted to take advantage of the change in scenery to color outside my own self-imposed lines a little bit. Let me know what you think  :D

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