So! This might be the only recipe blog you ever read that doesn't actually have a recipe in it. And that, my friends, is because I can't really recommend that you make this. On the menu? (Fake) chicken enchiladas verde. Fake Chicken EnchiladasSounds good, looks fine (if a little boring)...

Fake Chicken Enchiladas

...tastes kind of like what I imagine space food tastes like. Carby... gluey... meh.

And seriously? There was a truckload of butter and cream and cheese included, so I don't know where it went wrong. This may be one of the (honestly rare) cases where fake meat just doesn't hack it. Or maybe I forgot to add something. Like the flavor.

Regardless, I was flattered by Judah's initial attempt to make me feel better:

Fake Chicken Enchiladas

Oliver, apparently, wasn't feeling so generous: culinary excellence is non-negotiable in this six year-old's world. I like the last frame, where he appears to be calling for a pizza (though he's more likely just trying to hack Matt's password and play Temple Run).

Fake Chicken Enchiladas

Moral of the story: don't make this! Also: send me recipes! Good ones! I clearly am not very discerning when it comes to picking them on my own...

And if you're in NYC this weekend, give me a shout... I'm headed back for the first time in THREE FREAKING YEARS and want to see my peeps!