Today is my birthday, and as we all know, once you hit a certain age, birthdays start to feel a bit morbid, like the loud gong of the clock. The wrinkles and the gray hair are starting to make their appearances, and as much as I'd love to convince you all that I embrace them as badges of courage and honor, mostly I look in the mirror and wish I could figure out how to photoshop my face. This past weekend, I was in Buffalo for my husband's cousin's Bar Mitzvah. While there, I took the opportunity to get a portrait of my mother-in-law with her dear Aunt Millie. I could go on and on about this remarkable woman, but suffice it to say she's seen a LOT more birthdays than I have - more birthdays than most people ever will - and yet to meet her is to meet a happy, funny, positive woman thrilled that she's been able to see as many years as she has. What an inspiring person to spend time with right before one's own birthday!

Pictured below: my mother-in-law, Suzy, and her Aunt Mildred: 102 years young:

Raleigh Portrait Photographer