Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and are enjoying the return to routine and - for those of you with kids back to school - a bit of much-needed peace and quiet. I have personally been looking forward to 2015 for months... in all honesty, last year was a rough one for me. As arbitrary and trite as it may seem, every January I feel the excitement of a fresh start, of a calendar full of new days waiting to be lived to their fullest, and this year that fresh start couldn't come soon enough. My holiday card this year was a nod to that, and if it didn't make it to your mailbox, please accept it here instead: Megapixie_Holiday_CardOn the reverse, it reads "Wishing you 365 unwasted days in 2015." That means YOU! It's hard out there sometimes, but I'm all about choosing laughter and happiness on the daily, people! And what brings more surefire smiles than those perfect angel smiles given to us by the newest humans on the planet?


That's right: nothing.

Internet, meet Jack... born last fall and pictured here around two weeks old. I hope these bring a smile to your afternoon. During the mid-winter lull in portrait work, I'll be catching you up on loads of fantastic shoots from the end of 2014, so stay tuned!




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