Being asked to photograph the big milestones in people's lives is humbling - it's an enormous responsibility knowing that my images will forever illustrate the stories passed down through families, and an honor to be entrusted with such an important role. Being asked to do so by my friend Heba as she and her husband Ed welcomed their brand-new and very long-awaited baby girl home was particularly so, as Heba understands that responsibility intimately, having spent countless hours both in front of cameras on national television and behind them as one of Chapel Hill's top photographers. I am so happy to have been asked to do this, and am completely smitten with little Blum and her gorgeous shock of dark hair...Chapel Hill Newborn Photography (It would appear that Heba and Ed are, too!)Chapel Hill Newborn Photography



P.S. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for the last day of preview week... I've got some lovely wedding images to share!