What would maternity and birth sessions be without some newborn portraits to complete the set? Last Friday, I went to Holly and Patrick's house to get some portraits of Parker before all his dry, peely skin disappeared and he lost that scrunched up, scrawny newborn sweetness (not that this kid could ever have been described as scrawny!). Whenever I go to someone's house in the first weeks after they bring home a baby, I am ready for absolutely expect to find the house destroyed, the pets un-fed, and the parents disheveled and exhausted. In this instance, however, the only mess I saw was a pile of papers on the dining room table... which I then realized was an organized stack of thank-you cards waiting to be addressed. Guys, seriously: you're making the rest of us look bad!

And now, without further ado, here's little Parker, just under two weeks old:

Raleigh Newborn Photographer Raleigh_Newborn_Photographer_9


(I know two weeks is a little early for intentional smiling, but y'all, he could've fooled me!)


Raleigh_Newborn_Photographer_10 Raleigh_Newborn_Photographer_1 Raleigh_Newborn_Photographer_7 Raleigh_Newborn_Photographer_5



I'm guessing this will be all from Holly, Patrick, & Parker for a while... leave them some love in the comments so they remember to come back soon!