I love maternity portraits. Unlike children, who go through different, identifiable, photo-worthy stages like they go through socks, adults tend to look pretty much the same over time, with the possible exception of a few pounds in one direction or the other, or a new haircut or color. Pregnancy, though, is a unique and finite time in a woman's life, and whether she feels gorgeous and glowing or huge and uncomfortable, the outward changes that mark the period will forever represent the sea change that results: the addition of a new person to the world, to her family, and, inextricably, to her heart. Knowing that the portraits I'm invited to make will forever be the reminder of that change is pretty profound, and always an honor.Chapel Hill Maternity Photographer Of course, when a woman has an older child, there's always a bit of distraction, too  :DChapel Hill Maternity Photographer

I can't wait to share the rest from this lovely session... and I can't wait to meet the little person you've got hiding in there, Lisa!