I was finishing up editing a recent maternity session yesterday when suddenly it occurred to me: we're less than a month away from Valentine's Day! Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day carries a lot of weight in the American psyche, and if you're a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, etc., there's probably some expectation that you're going to come up with something fun and romantic and... original. And that's always the tough one. Flowers? Chocolate? Earrings? Definitely a safe bet. But... *yawn*

The good news? I have a solution for all of you... and I bet you can guess what it is :D

Gents: scheduling a portrait session with the one you love is a 100% sure bet. Super romantic and a total surprise... she'll never see it coming. (Ladies, weigh in! Is this a gift you'd want to receive?)

Chapel Hill Couples PhotographerLadies: a little black book full of racy portraits of you trumps a new shirt by, like, a million percent, and will be his favorite gift from you ever. EVER. Guaranteed. (Gents: am I right?)

Chapel Hill Boudoir PhotographerAnd if this holiday gets you down? Why not treat yourself to a day of being single and fabulous? Hair, makeup, and a gorgeous portrait can make anyone feel great... and infuse a little heat into that Match profile, too!

And in case you were wondering how a maternity session led me to thinking about Valentine's Day, here's a sneak peek:

Chapel Hill Maternity PortraitsYowza, right?!



P.S. I know these are a bit of a departure from the images I typically put on my blog... but as always, used with the express permission of my subjects!

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