Well hello ... nice to see you here! Nice to be here, to tell you the truth... I've been way behind on blogging, but I decided that this week it was time to catch up - at least on the previews from the amazing sessions and weddings that have been keeping me away from the blog in the first place! I'm previewing a different session every day this week, and might even double up if I have the chance, so be sure to check back in often. First up, Shannon & Chuck and their four amazing kiddos! I met Shannon at a Cameras & Cocktails class this summer, and was flattered when she emailed about portraits this Fall. She came to class already possessing a great working knowledge of how to use her camera (and hopefully picked up a few additional pointers while she was there), but as we all know, no matter how great you are at photographing your family, your images will always be missing one very important person...

We got some great, classic portraits of the whole family (which is no small feat with four kids under 10 years old!) but I have to say that if it were my decision,  this one would most definitely go up on the wall:Chapel Hill Family Holiday Portraits

And if I wanted to balance it with one that was a little less silly, I'd add this one:Chapel Hill Family Holiday Portraits

Shannon & Chuck, I salute you. I don't know how you managed to get everyone looking great and being so cooperative for the afternoon, but suffice it to say that next time, I'll be attending YOUR class  :D