Last week, I drove down to Emerald Isle for an extended family/newborn session scheduled for Friday morning. I'll be honest: I was a little nervous... not because I wasn't super-excited about the shoot, but because there were several factors over which I had no control that had the potential to cause a bit of trouble. Number one, the weather was very iffy: 50% chance of thunderstorms at dawn when we were supposed to be getting beautiful sunrise photos on the beach; number two, my time was more limited than I like it to be when I'm shooting newborns, since with newborns there's never a guarantee that things will go quickly and/or easily. But someone was watching out for us, and dawn broke over a gorgeous, breezy, deserted beach...

Emerald Isle North Carolina Family Photographer

We took advantage of the fact that Melissa's parents and sister were in from Kentucky to get the extended family portraits that Melissa & Mike never got at their wedding...

Emerald Isle North Carolina Family Photographer

...then we went back to the house to photograph a baby whose face and disposition make me understand where people came up with the idea of cherubs. Those LIPS!

Emerald Isle North Carolina Newborn Photographer


Melissa & Mike, thank you so much for inviting me down to photograph your family. I had a lovely time, not only working with you but seeing the beach one last time before winter sets in. I know you're making your long drive today, so I imagine you'll see these first on the less-than-ideal screens of your cell phones, but I wanted to get them to you as a little taste of some of the amazingness coming your way! Safe travels!

Emerald Isle North Carolina Family Photographer