One of the amazing things about my job is the opportunity I get on a regular basis to peek at the lives of other people... not the superficial stuff, but the real interactions among couples, siblings, families, and even across generations. I am not a "sit here and smile" photographer - I take my time and wait until I can feel the rhythm of a situation, then click the shutter when the moment feels just right... just them. I'm happy to report that I seem to have a knack for connecting with genuinely happy, loving families and couples, but every now and then, I'm truly blown away. Jose & Chrissy had to work pretty hard to get four year-old Robbie to relax - like so many boys that age, he was pretty wound up at the prospect of a new person and a camera to show off for. But they were so patient & relaxed about it, just enjoying him and letting him be his energetic self while trying to position themselves and sweet little Sofia nearby, that when the photo magic started happening, it was pure gold:

Durham Family Portrait PhotographyDurham Family Portrait Photography

I hope everyone's staying safe and warm this stormy Monday!





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