In case you didn't notice, last week was a bit light in the blog department. Truth be told, last week around here was pretty light in every department save the birthday department. Oliver turned five on Wednesday, and it seemed our whole world ground to a short, sweet halt to celebrate what feels like an enormous milestone. Any of you moms-of-older-than-five-year-olds know what I mean? One was big, too, but I think five has it beat. Somehow, I just can't believe it's been that long... or really, that short, either. What did I do before I became a mother? How did I fill my time? How is it possible that the teeny-tiny baby that arrived just a short while ago is getting ready to head off to kindergarten?

I've got hundreds of party pictures to sort through and edit, and will have those up later in the week, but for now, enjoy this: a quick summary of our lives over the last five years, set to the inimitable music of Throw Me the Statue (be sure to click the full-screen button in the lower right corner!):

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Raleigh Child Photographer