Hi everyone... sorry about the long absence! As we head into the holiday season, things around here are pretty swamped, and the blog took a hit this week because of it. Part of the reason I didn't post this week was that I was hoping to find a free day or three to put together a series covering Judah's first year (mah baaayyybeee turned one last week!) but, of course, that time never materialized. I don't know that it would've done much good anyway... it's impossible to put into words the joy this little one has added to our lives. Suffice it to say, something like this: Raleigh Child Photographer

We celebrated his big day just the four of us at home with presents and cupcakes after dinner...

Raleigh Child Photographer

Raleigh Child Photographer

...then went to D.C. for the weekend to re-celebrate with our families.

Raleigh Child Photographer

We got home just in time to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood. Oliver, whose obsession with superheroes cannot be overstated, decided he wanted to be Robin (of all characters), so Judah went as Batman and Matt and I were thieves... thanks to our friend Chris for taking this family portrait!

Halloween Photo