I really figured we weren't going to get much of an autumn this year... it was so hot for so long, and the trees just didn't seem to want to turn. I figured we were in for one of those disappointing years where one day it's 80 degrees, and the next, the high is in the 40s. This past week, though, has been nothing short of spectacular: blue-skied, golden-lit, chill-in-the-air fall... my very favorite kind of weather. Raleigh Child Photographer

An aside:

Oliver, in his constant obsession with all things superhero, is very interested in Superman's heat vision and super-cold breath. In many of his drawings, these elements are included - red lines from Superman's eyes and a blue line from his mouth, both aimed at whatever foe he's created. The following is from last night, drawing at the kitchen table:

Matt: What are those red lines?

Oliver: Heat Vision.

Matt: Oh I see... and what is heat vision?

Oliver: When Superman shoots laser beans out of his eyes.

Matt: Laser beans?

Oliver: Yeah, laser beans. It's like lasers, but in little balls. Little balls of lasers.

Here's our very own little superhero... flying, running at warp speed, and saving the world with his imaginary laser beans. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Raleigh Child Photographer



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