Surprise! Happy Monday! I was totally swamped at the end of the week last week and managed to miss my regular Friday post, so here it is... only on Monday :) (Thank you in advance for your forgiveness!)

Two weeks ago, Emily and her sweet daughter Addison came over for a holiday mini-session. Mini-sessions can be challenging, in that they are, obviously, mini - there's not a lot of room for leeway if a child decides to be uncooperative or just takes a few minutes to get comfortable in this new, strange place with this new, strange woman shoving a new, strange, GIGANTIC camera in his or her face. For the most part, everything works out beautifully, and generally, I can capture great expressions on just about any little one. The morning of our session, though, Addison just wasn't feeling it. We spent about twenty minutes shooting, during which we got some really cute photos, but I felt - and Emily agreed - that there wasn't that one perfect shot for her holiday cards. So what did we do? We shot again. If at first you don't succeed, you know... :)

Anyway, here are a couple of the sweet photos we got in last week's re-shoot, when twenty minutes gave us more than enough to choose from. Emily: enjoy these... there are more to come later this week!

Raleigh Child Photographer

Seriously: how stinkin' cute is this little girl?!?

Raleigh Child Photographer

And finally, a classic shot perfect for the holiday cards:

Raleigh Child Photographer