You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of my cat that I mentioned was the result of a class I've been taking on dramatic natural lighting. Well, this week's assignment had to do with shooting portraits in the mid-day sun... a rather frightening prospect for anyone who's ever seen the horrendous raccoon eyes that can result from this setup. My go-to spot for outdoor portraits is open, dapple-free shade, where the light is even and eyes are un-squinted, but this class is all about pushing the envelope. For these portraits, we were to use reflectors to fill the shadows and make for nice, even lighting. This sweet girl was my model, and though she's little, she's fast... with a heavy camera and a huge piece of foam core (the cheapest reflector out there!), I hardly kept up at all. This week's favorite is the one where I finally got her standing still for a split-second (though you can tell she's plotting her next move!)...

Raleigh Child Photographer

And here's the one where she got away with my reflector... I'm telling you - she's FAST! (Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!)




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