So I got back yesterday from an absolutely fantastic week at the beach in Hatteras... my first real vacation in two years! The weather was spectacular, the food was amazing, the house we stayed in had everything we needed, and my kids didn't make me insane... all in all, perfect! Though I've got several sessions yet to write about, I wanted to post these, since like the cobbler's family not having shoes, my family photos always seem to be the last I edit :) To start, here's one of Ollie & Judah the day we arrived:

This was what we woke up to... every morning. I don't consider myself a nature photographer - certainly not landscapes - but these views were too much for me to resist!

We shared a house with two other families - dear friends of ours - which worked out amazingly well... the older kids are all four, and they played and kept each other company so well that the adults actually had a chance to relax!

Lots of sandcastles...

Lots of gorgeous flora and fauna...

This was one of my favorites... as he was running along behind my husband, Oliver yelled out, "Look at me! I'm walking in Daddy's footsteps!"

...and here's Judah, showing off his baby blues (excuse the avocado on his lip!)...

Really, truly a wonderful trip... I hope we can do it again before another two years go by!