When Adria first contacted me about maternity portraits, we set up a time to talk on the phone, but instead of telling me what she and her husband Colin were looking for while we were chatting, Adria kept circling back to what they were NOT looking for. "I didn't even think I wanted maternity portraits," she kept saying, "they can be so cheesy." But there she was, on the phone with a photographer, trying to find a way to verbalize what she DID want. She DID want to capture the finite experience of pregnancy, and - for once - to get Colin (whose place is normally behind the camera) in the photos with her. She DID want to record the final days of their time as a family of two. She DID NOT want chalkboard signs or baby shoes or terrible reach-around poses.

"So no train tracks?" I asked.

She laughed - hard - and we booked the session.

And it was super-fun and totally laid back... just like Colin & Adria. Baby Cash is in for a fun ride!