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Rocco, Revisited | Downtown Durham Family Photographer

I know a lot of photographers are wary of contributing to auctions - they argue that there's no opportunity to meet your new client beforehand to make sure it's a good fit - but I have to say: I have yet to have an auction client who hasn't turned out to be absolutely amazing... and gone on to have an amazing session, too! I met Aninda and Dino after they bid on a portrait session at the Family Preschool fundraiser auction, and am so glad I did: they are exactly the kind of creative, talented, interesting people who make living in this area so fantastic, and their laid-back, tight-knit family vibe (not to mention their edibly-cute three year-old, Rocco) made capturing pictures of them any photographer's dream. Durham Child PhotographyDurham Maternity PhotographyDurham Family PhotographyDurham Family PhotographyDurham Maternity PhotographyDurham Family PhotographyDurham Maternity Photography

I can't wait to see them again once they become a family of FOUR... baby girl, you're in for some serious fun  :D