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Photographs of 15 month-olds

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Lucky in Light | Carrboro Family Photographer

Most of my business comes from referrals. I've talked on the blog about my referral program before - you know, the one that allows you to build print credit without lifting a finger? Well, it is alive and strong, and nearly every time I book a session I mail out a little certificate to someone... whether they're expecting it or not. And when Melissa booked her family's session with me, that certificate went to Mandy & Mike, whose session she had seen linked on Facebook. Referral program success: everyone wins! The only problem was all this crazy weather we've been having... Melissa really loved Mandy & Mike's sun-drenched session in particular, but the morning we were scheduled to have our session was super gray. Now don't get me wrong... gray skies can make for beautiful portraits, and some photographers actually prefer to shoot when it's overcast, but I knew that wasn't what Melissa had in mind, and that's the beauty of the custom photography experience: it's tailored to you. So despite Melissa's crazy schedule (not to mention mine!), we found a time a few days later, and this time, Mother nature smiled on us with that same dreamy, glowy sun:

Carrboro Children's PortraitsJust a little sneak peek... many more to come soon!

Carrboro Children's Photographer



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