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Red Letter Day | Chapel Hill Photographer

Days like this just don't come along very often... today I got two completely separate pieces of news, both of which represent major milestones in my photography career. I'm so excited I had to share, but be forewarned: there's a bit of my-own-horn-tooting ahead :) Chapel Hill Photographer

First, I got word that an article I submitted last spring to Rangefinder Magazine made it into the November issue, which will be out in print any day now and is currently available to read online! Some of you may remember that I went to Seattle last spring to be part of the live audience in a posing and lighting workshop led by photography legend Bambi Cantrell. Well, the article is a profile of creativeLIVE, the company that hosted that workshop, and provides other similar workshops online several times a year for free. Truly inspired by creativeLIVE's business model, and noticing that they hadn't received much press, I decided to write about my experience in the hope that it might help spread the word. Knowing that Rangefinder is one of the largest photography industry magazines in the US (circulation > 60,000), and knowing that they don't often accept unsolicited articles for publication, I didn't dare get my hopes up too much... in fact, the Editor went so far as to warn me that I'd have to tread the line between profile and advertisement very carefully to even be considered. So forgive me for giggling and jumping up and down and sharing this here with all of you... I can't help it - I'm thrilled!  :D

Second - in an unprecedented barrage of unrelated and exciting news - I received an email from the lovely ladies at ClickinMoms, a photography forum to which I subscribe. Last spring they took submissions for a book they're publishing - a compilation of photographs based on the theme "laughter". Apparently one or both of the images I submitted were accepted, and I will be receiving a copy of the book in the next couple of weeks! I have no idea which image they selected, but am very excited and honored to be published in both a book and a magazine in the same month! Wow!!!

So that's enough out of me... I'm going to go have a glass of wine to celebrate. Thanks for putting up with me this evening... we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming later in the week. In the meantime, any idea as to which of these two images were selected? Your guess is as good as mine!Chapel Hill Child Photographer

Chapel Hill Child Photographer