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I don't do a lot of commercial work. Most local businesses are looking for simple, accurate representations of what their product looks like, or super-technical photographs of spaces and objects, and though I can do that kind of work, if you know my photographs, you know my strong suit is in the personal/emotive portrait department: it's what I love, and I think that comes through. Cray and Kathy Gunn wanted something different, though. They own Custom Carpentry Group here in Carrboro - a design and construction company specializing in residential additions, remodels and renovations - and like many small businesses that can't always match the prices offered by big-box outfits, they attract clients with their beautiful custom work and an unflagging commitment to personalized service. They are their company, and if you work with CCG, you work with Cray and Kathy, so they felt like their website and ad materials needed to showcase who they were on a more personal level. And THAT, my friends, is what I do  :D

After spending some time talking about what they wanted to convey and what kinds of clients they wanted to attract, we were able to capture everything they needed in all of twenty minutes. I think even Cray - who is not the biggest fan of having his picture made - didn't find the process too painful... and walked away with some images that really capture who he and Kathy are as business owners and as a couple.Custom Carpentry Group HeadshotsCustom Carpentry Group HeadshotsImagine my delight, then, to see this in the Independent Weekly this week...Indy Weekly Advertising

I love the design of the ad (apparently residential design translates well to graphic design), and more than anything, love that a construction company is showcasing their business with a real photograph of the people you'll be working with, rather than a boring corporate headshot or some pie-in-the-sky image of what they can do. Couple all that with this...Custom Carpentry Group

...and I think I know who is going to be doing all of my contracting work going forward  :D

And a big congratulations to all my friends and favorite businesses featured in this year's Indy Awards - you guys are amazing!

Independent Weekly Best Of Awards

xox, annemie