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7:30am | Hillsborough Family Photographer

When I previewed Daphne's session a couple of weeks ago, I said that when I shared the full session on the blog, the title would be "Why you should all insist on scheduling your portrait sessions at 7:30am." As you can see, I shortened that a bit, but only because it seemed cumbersome as written. The fact of the matter is that 7:30 (or just after sunrise, which obviously changes depending on the time of the year) is the perfect time to be out making portraits of children, for a couple of reasons: first, unlike most of us, kids are almost always at their very happiest shortly after they're up and fed; second, the angle of light around sunrise and sunset creates the softest, most flattering portrait light that you can get using natural light. Of course, most of the people I suggest a 7:30am start time to look at me like I'm crazy, and we end up shooting at 9 or 10, and that's okay... a sweet baby, wild toddlers, and coy five year-olds can be captured beautifully at any time of day. But there's just no comparison to dawn if you're looking for something like this... Durham_Family_Portrait_Photography

...and really, if you're NOT looking for something like this, you should probably go find a different photographer. This is what I do. This is what I LOVE. Doing this for people like Debbie and Kevin who love it as much as I do? Well that's just icing on the cake! Durham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDurham_Family_Portrait_PhotographyDebbie & Kevin, thank you so much for working with me... and Debbie's family, thank you for kicking this all off with your gift certificate purchase! I hope these are the gift that will keep on giving for years to come!