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Kaylie | Chapel Hill Newborn Photographer

I love it when I get to photograph a family as it grows over the years  :D   Meet sweet baby Kaylie... the latest addition to Aimee & Brandon's family: Chapel Hill Newborn PhotographyChapel Hill Newborn PhotographyChapel Hill Newborn Photography

As quiet and lovely as these moments are, though, the reality is that Kaylie's in for a wild ride with her two older brothers...

Chapel Hill Child PhotographyChapel Hill Family PhotographyChapel Hill Family Photography

I took this next picture about three years ago, I think - Owen was three-ish and Cooper was one-ish  (I'm terrible about keeping track of kids' ages... they grow too fast!) Anyway, it has remained one of my favorite photos of all time - the expression on Anna's face (Anna is the dog) is just too perfect for words with those busy boys in the background...

Chapel Hill Family I had to try for something of a repeat portrait. Glad to see the smile's still there  :D

Chapel Hill Family PhotographyAimee & Brandon, congratulations again on your sweet baby girl and your beautiful, crazy life... you guys make it look easy!

Chapel Hill Newborn Photography



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