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Sometime in the last few months, someone took my baby and left a boy in his place. This boy doesn't babble like my little Judah used to, he talks in full sentences. He runs around the house shooting the finger guns we've been unsuccessfully trying to ban since before he was born, and he belly laughs at the potty jokes that Oliver tells. He's a thousand times more stubborn than his brother ever was, and his tantrums are straight out of the two year-old handbook, but he's got an amazing little sense of humor and timing, and we often marvel at the insight and perspective he seems to have. Judah and his PacifierJudah and his PacifierJudah and his Pacifier

In the past month, those big boy qualities have been underlined by two major milestones - no more pacifier, and no more diapers - and though both are the cause of a lot of celebration, I can't help but be a bit sad... it seems that all the evidence of my little baby is gone.

On the PottyOn the potty

Have a great holiday weekend.