About Annemie*

The road I traveled to become a photographer was a long and wending one, marked with wide detours and a couple of narrow escapes. Art and storytelling have always been in my blood, but discovering photography as a medium when my older son was born in 2006 was like coming across a flashing neon sign on the side of that road in the night. It caught me by surprise, but there was no denying its message: I took the next exit and haven't looked back.

I photograph families and children because I believe that they are the literal and figurative foundation of us all. Though I love to travel and find beauty in the big world out there, it's been my journey as a mother that has shown me the most profound kinds of beauty. My aim when I look through the lens is to help my clients capture that for themselves in a tangible, meaningful way. The people who hire me aren't looking for a perfectly posed portrait of everyone smiling at the camera... they want to look back through their images and remember what it felt like to be there, in that time and place, with the people they love.**

If my work and my words resonate with you, send me a message and tell me a little bit about yourself. I love a good story, and would be happy to help you record yours!

* Confused about my name? No worries... you're not alone! Annemie is the Dutch version of Anne Marie, and is pronounced like the -onomy in astronomy or autonomy.

** Curious to hear more from the people who have hired me about why they did and what the experience was like? Take a peek here