Portraits for peace


Okay, friends...

If you know me or have paid one iota of attention to my posts of late, you know that I'm appalled by what's happening in our government right now. Immediately after the election in November, I started a portrait fundraiser called Portraits for Peace, and before the end of the year, raised over $8000 for Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Earth Justice, and the ACLU... and DAMN that felt good.

But we can't stop now.

Though I have to slow the project down a bit for my sanity (30 sessions in seven weeks during my busy season was tough!), my goal is to raise at least $1000 a month in 2017 through Portraits for Peace. If you'd like to help raise money and would like a few beautiful portraits to commemorate your donation, I'd love you to participate. The details are as follows:

- I'm photographing kids only for this one... anyone able to sit on their own up to 12 years old (up to three siblings together are fine).
- I'm only photographing in the studio, so these won't be outdoor, run-around portraits. The photo in this post is an example of a studio portrait.
- You must be willing to sign a model release stating that I can use your child's image along with text about the program and possibly/probably about my own political/social beliefs. Your child will not be identified beyond first name, and I will represent the statements I make as my own, but I'm planning to spread this message as far and wide as I can, so please do be aware of that.
- The fee is $350 plus sales tax, $250 of which will go toward the charitable cause of the month*. The fee includes a 30 minute session and five high resolution digital files of your choosing. High resolution files come with full print licensing, as well as a print and file storage guide. Additional prints and digital files can be purchased, and 50% of all profits from PFP-related sales will go toward the charity associated with the session date. Dates and charities are all listed below, and you can reserve your spot now for any of the dates this year!

Spots are very limited (4-5/month), and will be first come, first served. You can check the schedule and book your session here: https://calendly.com/megapixie/portraitsforpeace

Let's make America kind/safe/tolerant again!


*These may change depending on what's happening in the world, but for now:

January (I'm late... happening 2/1-2/2): ProPublica

February 21: Human Rights Campaign

March 14: Council on American-Islamic Relations

April 18: Southern Poverty Law Center

May 23: Union of Concerned Scientists

June 20: Mexican American Legal Defense And Educational Fund

July 18: Earth Justice

August 22: Black Lives Matter

September 19: National Resources Defense Council

October 24: Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

November 14: Planned Parenthood

December 5: Human Rights First