there when you need them

One of the biggest perks of being part of the First Year program is that you get exclusive access to the Baby Bump sessions... they're amazingly handy, and can be scheduled at any time from when you add your due date to my calendar to when we have our last scheduled session.

  • Want to do a maternity session but don't need tons of photos? Baby Bump Session
  • Grandparents coming to town? Baby Bump Session
  • Like some nice photos from your baptism/naming ceremony/bris? Baby Bump Session
  • Baby cut her first tooth? Trying solid food for the first time? Starting to walk? Baby Bump Session
  • Need a holiday card and want a fully updated photo? Baby Bump Session
  • You got a new puppy? Uhhhh... are you crazy?!? You just had a baby! Sheesh! But also... Baby Bump Session

So just what is a Baby Bump Session? It's a 30-minute mini-session for $450 that includes your choice of ten digital files. You can schedule as many as you'd like over the year or absolutely none at all... there's no commitment. It's just a perk that many of my clients find super-helpful... like having your own professional photographer on retainer!