albums: options and process

Albums are by far my favorite way to display images. Don't get me wrong: having your images printed and hung on the walls is great, but an album fits anywhere, lasts (essentially) forever, and gives you several images to look at in succession... there's a reason stories are told in books!

Megapixie offers two different options for books: Custom Session Albums and Simple Session Books

Custom Session Albums

The ultimate way to archive your images, Custom Session Albums boast deep matte photographic paper adhered to a substantial, 1/16" rigid pages. Your choice of several high-quality linens or leathers for the cover can be personalized with either a cameo opening or up to three lines of debossed text. The layout is completely customizable and can include as many images as you'd like. Because the album is layflat and each spread is printed on a single sheet of photographic paper that spans the left and right pages, the design can be made to go across the gutter of the album (where the two pages come together) without any cuts in the design, so there are limitless options for layout.

Pricing for Custom Session Albums is determined first by album size - 8x8", 10x10", or 12x12" - and next by number of spreads. 10 spreads (20 pages) are included in the prices listed below. Additional spreads (2 pages per spread) can be added for $75 each up to a total of 25 spreads (50 pages).

8x8" / $850

10x10" / $1050

12x12" / $1250

Custom Session Album-1-2.jpg
Custom Session Album-1.jpg

Simple session books

Simple Session Books are the Custom Session Albums' little sister. They share high-quality binding and photographic printing, but the pages are thinner (1/32" thick rather than 1/16"), the paper is luster-finish (which has a slight sheen to it) rather than deep matte, and - most notably - the design is simpler: you choose the images and they are printed one to a page. Covers come in your choice of several beautiful linen colors and up to three lines of debossed text can be accommodated on the front of the book.

As with the Custom Session Albums, pricing for the Simple Session Books is determined first by book size - either 8x8" or 10x10" - and next by number of spreads. 10 spreads (20 pages/images) are included in the prices listed below. Additional spreads (1 spread = 2 pages) can be added for $50 each up to a total of 50 spreads (100 pages/images).

8x8" / $550

10x10" / $750

Simple Session Book-1.jpg
Simple Session Book-2.jpg