Time flies... Campbell is six months! / by Annemie Tonken

We all talk about how fast our own kids grow up, but do you know whose kids REALLY grow up fast? It's those people you only see every once in a while. It felt like no time at all had passed since Campbell's newborn portraits, but when I arrived at Natalie & Jason's house to shoot their six month session, this is the sweet girl who was waiting for me:Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_1 This was prior to the holidays, mind you, so we made some photos for their Christmas Card...


Then spent the rest of the time just capturing life with a happy, cuddly six month-old!

Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_3Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_4Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_5Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_6Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_7Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_8Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_9Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_10Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_16Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_11Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_12Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_13Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_14Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_15Chapel_Hill_Baby_photographers_18Chapel_Hill_Newborn_photographers_17Can't wait to see her again at a year!