the baby plan

The addition of a new baby requires a lot of planning... for your labor, for your home, for your career... even for things like college, which probably seems like it's light-years away. But life with children is busy, and as everyone says, time flies by faster than ever, so planning allows us to stay on top of the things that are important to us.

The Baby Plan was designed to help you plan for the future as well... a future when you'll look back on this crazy, fleeting time and want to revisit it. When your five year-old walks timidly into his new classroom, when your pre-teen shreds the last of your patience, when your college student calls to tell you she's headed abroad for her new job, or when you want to compare your baby's pouty mouth with your new grandchild's, your photo album will be the first place you turn... and the Baby Plan ensures that that album will be full of gorgeous, heirloom-quality photographs documenting your newborn's first year.

The Plan includes a choice of three or four sessions to document your baby's first year, typically scheduled to capture all of the major developmental milestones. Along with looking forward to an incredible set of images, you'll enjoy special session pricing, products designed specifically for the Plan, and some sweet gifts along the way.

Drop me a line here for more information, and congratulations on your growing family!

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