Are you a photographer?

I'd love to get to know you! I teach classes for people just starting out who want to learn their way around a camera, as well as for those who know the basics but want some one-on-one mentoring help to build their skills. I also co-founded and run a workshop for experienced family photographers that brings the best and the brightest in the industry together each year in New Orleans.


online classes


What's the point in owning a great camera if you don't know how to use it? Digital photography isn't rocket science, but it can be really hard to figure out on your own. I designed the 10x10 Digital Photography Challenge to break down what can be a very dry, technical subject into ten fun and straightforward mini-lessons that can be completed in around 10 minutes a day. 

Each video is full of step-by-step instructions, shortcuts, and example photos that will help you understand not only how a concept works, but why it's important, and how it's going to be useful in your life. 

Whether you want to take better photos of your kids, your travels, or anything else, the 10x10 challenge will have you up, running, and making full use of the great camera you invested in!


Private Mentoring

$900 - 4 meetings

Private mentoring is essentially a personalized workshop tailored to your schedule, your specific areas of concern, and your level of ability. We will meet four times for two hours each, generally following the following format:

  1. Overview meeting - full walk-through of shooting, editing, and/or running a business, focused on your particular areas of interest.

  2. Live session - you'll come along for a real session and watch me as I work with my clients, then we'll immediately go for coffee and talk through the process.

  3. Editing session: I'll walk you through my process in Lightroom as we edit the photos from the session you attended.

  4. Roundup: we'll do a full portfolio and/or website review of your work, then have a final Q&A to answer any lingering questions.


the family narrative

March 12-15, 2018

I am one of four co-founders of The Family Narrative, which is a four day retreat for family photographers held in New Orleans each spring. If you photograph families professionally, you will find no better resource for great information, inspiration, and camaraderie. Our goal in creating this retreat was to offer established photographers a place to commune with their peers, push through burnout, learn from each other and leave feeling inspired and invigorated.

For further information and to apply to an upcoming workshop, click below.